The Civil Lawsuit Steps

The Civil Lawsuit Steps

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  1. Plz teach me how to sue a judge wv case 11-f-33 look at trascripts page and judge used 2 unlicensed certified people to claim I was incompetent I have doctor doing certificate of merit

  2. If I have a case against the owner and upper-management of a company for bullying/harassment.That company is part of a large corporation. What should I do to gain the largest settlement? Dealing with the owner and staff 1/1 is a losing battle, as they don't wish to cooperate or admit their faults. Should I seek legal council as I've spoke with the labor-board, human rights and service Canada and there's nothing they can help with. Small claims court may give me a victory, but the payout is far from what I feel I deserve.

  3.  If make an insulting fact  about a product  can I be sued? I mean if the manf got Deposed the would probably have a hard time denying the information?

  4. Good information here.  I'm in Alberta, Canada and the process is similar here.  Mediation is very common.

  5. This is a great video with alot of data for all of us out here who doesn't have your knowledge in what to do. You are clear about every procedure to take. Keep up the good job…..

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