The company that owns the in-flight magazine “SkyMall” just filed for bankruptcy!

But they have so many awesome things we would never buy!!!

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Are You Ready For The Flight Plan I Just Filed With The Agency?

(A requested video)
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40 thoughts on “The company that owns the in-flight magazine “SkyMall” just filed for bankruptcy!”

  1. I thought they would have a app out already you have to innovative if you want to survive in this economy!! DUH

  2. Glow in dark toilet seat you've piqued my interest oh wait you gone out of business dam it. Hey er all don't like putting on the light go to the royal throne middle of the night.

  3. Why couldn't they have made an app for Android and iPhone for people to download and have people buy their stuff of there?!

  4. u do requests? pIease do this same tempIate but watermeIons and kool aids raining from the top with a colored gentlemen in the centra

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